This waste stocktake report has been undertaken to help construct a comprehensive picture of waste management in the Bay of Plenty and Waikato regions. It provides a snapshot of the current situation, and highlights key gaps and opportunities. This report updates and expands on separate waste stocktake reports conducted for the regions in 2007.

Common actions identified in the WMMPs included increasing kerbside recycling, organic waste collections (10/16 councils), RTS management and pricing, improving data collection, actioning solid waste bylaws, improving infrastructure, collaboration – including lobbying of central government (for example on product stewardship), communications and education, and facilitating reuse. Common themes in the WMMPs include:

  • concerns around the Emissions Trading Scheme and rising disposal costs 
  • the ongoing presence of recyclables in the residual waste stream, even with recycling services in place
  • lack of appropriate or sufficient facilities for waste and diverted materials within the districts or regions
  • lack of data, both for council-controlled waste streams and those managed by the private sector
  • opportunities to save costs and/or increase efficiency and effectiveness through collaboration 
  • significant proportions of organic waste in the residual waste stream 
  • addressing specific waste types such as hazardous and agricultural wastes.


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