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Eunomia is Hiring

senior administrator (part time) Eunomia is looking to add to our team in the sustainability and resource recovery sector. Eunomia is a thought leader in the waste, resource recovery, and sustainability sectors, both in New Zealand and internationally.  We work with...

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A Few Links We Like


New Zealand Recycling symbols and colours – improve your communications!

Zero waste events – free resources to help plan a zero waste event

Package Free stores – sounds like we could use a few in NZild..

Steady state economics  – might be something to it…

Traffic congestion  cars vs trams…

The Green Police!  Where do we enlist…?

The roles of the public private and community sectors Duncan Wilson Blogs

World wastes up to 50% of the food produced  – New study by Institution of Mechanical Engineers

US throws away 40% of food produced shows study

Artic sea ice disappering 50% faster than predicted

Rising population and higher food prices are a recipe for hunger. But Kiwis are taking a leading role in heading off a global food crisis.

Auckland Recycler Directory

The majority of UK local authorities opt for kerbside sort when the choice of collection system is left to open competition, according to a new report from consultancy 4R Environmental

Researchers focus on food waste 

Allan Savory: TED talk on how to fight desertification and reverse climate change Brilliant.

Electric Telsa coming to NZ.  The coolest car on the planet..?

Eight in race for Worst-packaging title

Check out the Eco-Cartoons website by our very own Duncan Wilson

Eco Santa

By our very own Duncan Wilson

For more eco-cartoons visit: