One of the biggest barriers to managing our waste better in NZ is a lack of good data.  We worked with WasteMINZ, the Ministry for the Environment and Waste Not Consulting to develop the first step to better data.
The development of the national waste data framework has taken the following form:

  • A staged approach for developing a national waste data framework, focusing initially on the most important elements while also setting out a clear ‘upgrade’ path to include other elements.
  • The first stage of the framework (which is now complete) includes data on waste disposed of at levied disposal sites, information on waste services and infrastructure as well as other areas where practicable
  • Subsequent stages of the framework (to be addressed in the future) will include more detailed data on diverted materials and waste disposed of at non-levied disposal sites.

The National Waste Data Framework does the following:

  • Establishes a set of definitions to act as a common language for collecting and reporting waste data
  • Determines what data is gathered
  • Determines who gathers this data
  • Specifies how the target data is gathered
  • Directs who data is reported to
  • Sets out how the data that is collected is collated and presented

The first stage of the framework is freely available for anyone to download.