WasteMINZ is hosting a webinar on the waste disposal levy.  Join us on the 21st of September at 8:30am.  Eunomia’s Dr Dominic Hogg and Duncan Wilson, lead authors of the the recent ‘A Wasted Opportunity‘ report on the NZ waste levy will be the panelists.

Eunomia’s report highlighted what could potentially be achieved through well-designed changes to the levy.   In this webinar, Dominic and Duncan will outline their approach to the study and discuss in more detail some of the key questions that arise from the report, such as:

  • the economic impacts;
  • controlling unintended consequences (like illegal dumping);
  • the dynamics of different levy rates, and;
  • how best to allocate levy income.

It is also your chance to quiz the authors about the findings.

To register for the webinar click here