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Find out about the 5 policy actions Local Government wants to see for waste


Eunomia has worked with a consortium of organisations to research the impact of potential changes to the waste disposal levy


One of the biggest barriers to managing our waste better in NZ is a lack of good data.  We worked with WasteMINZ, the Ministry for the Environment and Waste Not Consulting to develop the first step to better data.


There’s growing concern about microplastics in our ocean. Find out about the policy approach we believe will best tackle this problem.

Eunomia Research and Consulting offers commercially focused environmental consulting services to public and private sector clients.

Independent advice that makes a difference

We support positive change. Through review and implementation, our clients achieve greater resource efficiency, improve sustainability and become more environmentally responsible.

The keys to good decision making are accurate information, intelligent and appropriate analysis, and clear communication and engagement with stakeholders and decision makers.

One of the first questions we often get asked is “What does ‘Eunomia’ mean?”.  So, for those who were wondering… our name is from the Greek word meaning ‘the good self-ordering of society’.

Recent Work

Marine Plastics

Eunomia advocates implementing a series of ‘best in class’ measures addressing specific items that are clearly identifiable as contributors to marine litter, including deposit returns, levies on single use plastic items, a comprehensive ban on microbeads, and, using extended producer responsibility to require those placing plastics packaging on the market to bear the full economic cost of collecting and treating them.

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