Waste Data Indicators are now available! If you want to compare your waste and recycling performance to what happens elsewhere you need to be sure your numbers mean the same things.  That is where the new Waste Data Framework Waste Indicators come in.  We have worked with WasteMINZ and Waste Not Consulting to come up with a set of indicators that you can use to present and compare waste data.  The indicators are:

  • 1A – All waste to Class 1 landfills
  • 1B – Waste to Class 1 landfills excl. special waste
  • 2A – Domestic kerbside waste disposal rate
  • 2B – Domestic waste disposal rate
  • 3A – Domestic kerbside recycling recovery rate
  • 3B – Domestic recycling recovery rate
  • 3C – Domestic kerbside recycling contamination rate

All the above indicators are expressed in Kg per capita per annum.  For a copy of the indicators and how to calculate them click the download button.