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Organic Waste Contamination Study

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This project aims to understand and address the challenges posed by contaminants in our organic waste material streams.  It is seeking to determine the best way to mitigate, and ultimately avoid, risks to soil, water, human and animal health and to expand end markets for processed organic waste. It will develop recommendations for a holistic management framework that could include policy, regulation, investment, standards, and guidance.

To do this successfully we will need the collective input and wisdom of everyone involved. We are running an engagement programme to give interested parties opportunities to contribute.

This feedback forum page is a place where you can:

  • find information on our organic contaminants online workshops and how to register
  • access information about the topic including project reports (see the download section below),
  • provide your feedback to consultation questions in interactive message boards, or
  • provide feedback privately through a feedback form.

If you want to provide feedback privately you can do so through a feedback form using the link below.

Online Workshop Timetable

Workshop 1: Suppliers/Generators
Wednesday 4 October 11:00am 12:45pm

Workshop 2: Organic Waste Processors
Thursday 5 October 11:00am 12:45pm

Workshop 3: Organic Waste Product Users
Thursday 5 October 2:00pm 3:45pm

Please contact to register for the workshops.
You may register for and attend more than one workshop.
Please indicate which workshops you wish to attend
Workshop participants will receive an invite and an agenda following registration.



This section contains links to information and reports on this topic. The consultation information provides a high-level summary of what the project has produced so far.  Copies of the milestone reports are available below if you want to investigate in more detail.

Please note: all reports are currently in draft and are not official MfE reports

For more information contact: 

Duncan Wilson, Eunomia
021 855578 

Brittany Rymer, Ministry for the Environment
020 4082 9612